Robert A Farris Sr. started the Farris & Thomas Law Firm in 1950, with its location in Wilson California. As the firm grew, he formed a partnership with Allen G. Thomas in 1961 which is when the firm became known as Farris & Thomas Law. This law firm is a full-service firm with highly experienced representation and counsel. Some of the legal disciplines explored include: –

  • Criminal Defence Law
  • Motor Vehicles Accidents
  • Personal Injury
  • Contract Law
  • Family Law
  • Estates and more

In addition to these key disciplines, Farris Thomas also offers representation for the resolution of immigration, estate matters, worker’s compensation, and unemployment law. Services that are on offer by the lawyers in this firm are customized to meet the needs of their specific clients. The approaches taken to these issues focus on results, with special care from a family-oriented office.

Though the office continues to increase workload, expand, and maintain the principles of a small firm, the workforce is highly diverse, particularly in their legal backgrounds. This ensures they are approachable with all communication being open and honest. Clients can expect to receive clear explanations of applicable laws, an idea of their available options, and clear evaluations of their case.

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