CVS Health offers a range of health services that all work together to meet a core purpose. That is to help people who are on their path to better health. The key to CVS Health services is a bold total health approach so that quality services are more accessible and affordable, as well as being simple to use. CVS is known for its pharmaceutical services, though recently joined forces with Aetna through acquisition which is one of the country’s largest health insurers.

From the acquisition, there are plans in place to develop a community-based integrated model. This will connect everyone within the CVS Health system including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and health care professionals. The main goal of this is to ensure that it is more convenient and easier to access health services, as well as less expensive.

Another goal of this partnership is to ensure that the role of the physician becomes stronger in the life of any individual, be encouraging a primary care physician. These can be accessed easily through the existing CVS Minute clinics further adding to the effectiveness of the entire ecosystem. So far, more than ninety-three million people connect to at least one of the product offerings from CVS Health.

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