Corporate Screening Software Overview

Founded in 1987, Corporate Screening began its journey as an investigative firm that focuses on comprehensive analysis. Since its inception, the company has consistently evolved to meet gaps in the market. 

Today, the main service offering is thorough background checks as a solution for recruiting managers. This is available using innovative technology that is supported by attention to detail by the human team. Information produced from this system can be used to make informed decisions when it comes to hiring and retaining staff.

The background screening services are available to global clients and can be narrowed down by region and even industries. Large companies find their services especially useful when developing internal systems to meet the roles of various workers within the organisation. Ensuring that their results are based on truth makes the benefits from Corporate Screening stand out from other competitors with similar offerings. This honesty is just what any organisation needs to protect both the organisation and its staff.

Corporate Screening Features

Corporate Screening tool delivers excellent solutions to many clients globally. Its long track record with an impeccable reputation can only guarantee that it is safe software to add to your recruitment tools. Additionally, Corporate Screening software is user friendly and cost-effective. It helps you save time, and users can easily integrate it with their applicant tracking system to ensure seamless recruiting procedures. This software is navigable, and you can see all the commands displayed on your screen. It also offers quick reporting to ensure that your hiring procedures are done within the shortest time possible. 

The solutions available from Corporate Screening include: –

  • Background Checks
  • Database Searches
  • Compliance
  • Health and Drug Screening
  • Verification and Reference Checks
  • Public Records Services
  • Electronic I-9 Services
  • Electronic Fingerprinting
  • Continuous Exclusion Monitoring
  • Criminal Records Checks
Quick Facts
  • Information Services
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  • 51-200 employees
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