Bullhorn ATS & CRM Software

Bullhorn Overview

Established in 2009, Bullhorn is a service provider offering cloud-based CRM and Operations Solutions. The company is based in Boston and also has offices in St. Louis, Sydney, and London. The Bullhorn organization design meets human resource needs by using technology to collect data and offer actionable insights. This allows companies to move to a positive strategic direction with their customers through engagement with their employees.

Thousands of companies are benefiting from Bullhorn’s platform, and to support them, this service provider employs more than 950 people around the world. There are various solution offerings from Bullhorn for recruiting, operations, sales, executive search, healthcare, start-ups, enterprises, and SMBs. To support these solutions, product offerings include Applicant Tracking and CRM, Invoicing, Salesforce Solutions, Onboarding, Automation, and more. Bullhorn enables social media integration, email integrations, mobile recruitment, candidate tracking, and reporting tools.

Innovation and development are key features in the offerings from Bullhorn. Constant innovation aims to ensure that customers can focus on continuous growth for their own companies. Supporting these activities is a team of professionals who have training in market understanding, coding, and customer insights. The service offerings from Bullhorn make it a market leader in the staffing agency space.

Bullhorn ATS & CRM Software Features

Bullhorn recruiting software offers intelligent solutions for HR managers to relate well with employees and customers. With transparency in communication, seamless work performance will be experienced, leading to increased productivity. This ATS tool targets diverse markets and has managed to partner with many clients across the United States. 

Bullhorn ATS & CRM software features a wide variety of elements. The process for implementing the tool will entirely depend on the client’s requirements, such as its features and customizability functions. These features will also contribute to the pricing that Bullhorn has to offer. That being said, below are the summarized key features of Bullhorn software that you need to know for a successful recruitment process. 

  • CRM
  • Candidate tracking
  • Employee database
  • Interview scheduling and management
  • Onboarding
  • Payroll management
  • Performance management
  • Applicant management
  • Background check
  • Job posting
Quick Facts
  • Computer Software
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  • 501-1000 employees
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