Buffer Overview

Social media is the best way to reach a target audience, and there are hundreds of platforms to choose from today. Most companies ensure that they have a presence on more than one platform to elevate customer awareness and engagement. Buffer is a platform that allows companies to manage and publish all their social media content from one place. This intuitive platform was set up in 2010 to assist social media marketers and teams become more effective and efficient when posting online. Their services include being able to schedule posts so that they can appear on specific days and times.

To begin using Buffer, all that is needed is the uploading of the content, including pictures, videos, text, and links into the platform. Once done, allocation of content to multiple social media platforms is possible, allowing companies better control of the consistency of their presence online. It is even possible to plan for reposts to ensure that there is always something running online.

Using Buffer ensures companies are better able to manage their time and track their performance on leading social media platforms. These include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. There is a subscription fee to use the platform, though there is a 14-day free trial period that does not require any credit card details.

Buffer Features

Take your marketing strategy to another level with Buffer. When you tell your company’s story on social media platforms, you are actually building your brand. Buffer is a trusted software because it is highly encrypted to safeguard your company’s information. As mentioned above, you get to test it for free, and even after subscribing, users can cancel their subscription anytime that they are not marketing their businesses. 

Buffer tool has served more than 75,000 companies, which shows how reliable it is. The best part about this tool is that you will measure the performance of your campaign. You will also be able to create reports and get insights on how you can grow your reach and possibly receive engagement and sales. 

There are various features that the Buffer tool has. These include:

  • Sharing tools
  • Coordinated creative social media campaigns
  • Reporting tools
  • Audience communication and engagement
  • Stories planner
  • Instagram tagging
  • Analysis of stories and posts
  • Supported on mobile devices
Quick Facts
  • Internet
  • Contact Buffer for current pricing
  • 51-200 employees
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