Talent managers have been using Benivo since its inception in 2010. This HRTech company works towards helping these managers and recruiters navigate compensation and benefits for their clients. In addition, they also offer global mobility professionals who dedicate themselves to improving the experience of every employee. Though their main office is in London, they can serve clients from all around the world as they are cloud-based. This ensures new employees, as well as those who may be relocating, can transition seamlessly.

The self-serve digital tools available from Benivo ensure that employees receive the basic destination support they need. Their services are affordable, ideal for companies of all sizes. Companies can save between 30 – 70% of costs, as well as save time.

Companies continue to choose the services of Benivo because their teams do not need to learn how to use new software. This means that implementing the software can be done in days. When the service is used continuously, it remains affordable as all upgrades are made available for free. It can also be fully customised to directly meet the needs of their clients.

As a growing company, the firm receives institutional venture capital through Milhouse Investments, the London Co-Investment Fund, PBJ Capital and Granatus Ventures.

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