The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a law that has been in effect since 1990. It specifically addresses the civil rights of individuals with disabilities so that they can receive the same opportunities as other workers. It ensures that discrimination is eliminated so that people with disabilities can enjoy all state and local government services and programs. Disabilities within this ADA encompass any physical and mental impairments that could limit a person from any key life activity. This includes those who have a history of any challenge, as well as those perceived to have an impairment.

Part of the mandate of the ADA is to ensure workplace standards are constructed or altered to cater to individuals who have disabilities. These standards are issued through the Department of Transportation and the Department of Justice. They have significant influence over public government spaces, accommodation as well as commercial areas. It sets requirements that organizations must ensure are not violated or they will have to face steep penalties.

Employees have the right to take legal action in the event they are discriminated against due to a disability. Discrimination includes demotion, being fired, missing out on promotions, or being unfairly disciplined while in the workplace.

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