Accurate Investigation Services

Accurate Investigation Services Overview

Background checks on potential employees require a professional and detailed approach. Outsourcing these services to an investigator is an excellent option. Accurate Investigation Services (AIS) offers pre-employment screening services that can carry out detailed background checks. The checks carried out skew towards the needs of the organization based on the job title and requirements.

Organizations can choose to check the following: –

  • Employment verifications
  • Personal background checks
  • Diversity for a thriving business culture

This work is done with various associations including the National Association of Professional Background Screeners, Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association, Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association and more.

Services from AIS are available nationally. They are attuned to business objectives ensuring that performance goals are a key emphasis. The team at AIS has extensive experience in various employment industries. Computing resources are used for quick and efficient feedback that is also cost-effective. The site is also integrated with an onboarding service so that the hiring process can be seamless from application to screening, ensuring a result notification on the potential employees’ viability.

Choosing the services of AIS communities that the employer has a focus on excellent quality employees. This service ensures that you save both time and money by getting the right employee from the first selection.

Accurate Investigation Services Features

This tool offers unparalleled service to diverse organizations within the United States. The software’s background check program is tailored in a way that all organizations can be able to benefit from it. With an excellent background tool, you will reduce employee turnover since you are guaranteed quality and honest candidates. 

Organizations that have partnered with AIS software are aware of the tool’s intuitive design platform. It is easy to maneuver through, saving you a lot of time to focus on other organizational matters. It is also pocket-friendly and adheres to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). 

Ultimately Accurate Investigation Services software has various features, as shown below. 

  • ATS integration
  • API tools
  • Automated court access
  • Compliance
  • Extended workforce
  • Client ordering platform
  • Staffing
  • Small businesses and large enterprises
Quick Facts
  • Human Resources
  • Contact Accurate Investigation Services for current pricing
  • 11-50 employees
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